Marty Thomas is the director of feature films & other post-Freudian media. Marty's directed popular national commercials, original series promos for NBC/Universal's E! Entertainment and TV Spots for Amnesty International filmed in Rome. He directed numerous top ten MTV music videos during the 90's and still directs them when time/budgets allow. Among the myriad of recording artists in many genre's Marty has directed, some of his favorites are Xzibit, Chris Rock, Tupac Shakur, Erika Jayne, Eazy-E, MC Ren, Ice Cube and Skee-Lo. With these artists Marty has received nominations and wins from VMA Awards, the American Grammy Awards, the Billboard Music Video Awards and others. He was honored in 2017 by The (London) Daily Telegraph for "artistic and innovative contributions to the mediums of film and music videos". In 2017, Marty received a Congressional Citation from the United States Congress in recognition of the charitable directing work he has done for Amnesty International. He co-owns award-winning production company Ridiculous Pictures Studio, LLC. Next Marty is prepping to direct a family action-adventure movie, and he recently directed a mystery thriller for Lionsgate Entertainment.

As the Producer and Screenwriter of Lionsgate Entertainment’s 2014 release, Killer Holiday, Jon is addicted to creating and telling stories. His twenty years of writing, directing and producing movies, commercials, documentaries and music videos have garnered Jon many memorable moments and several awards including an Emmy and the Cine Golden Eagle. Jon also directed the film, Roaring Camp, an official selection at the San Diego Film Festival in 2013. Raised partly in Western Australia, Jon is known for bringing travel and historical perspective to his work. Like most people working in the entertainment industry, Jon is the author of numerous un-produced screenplays that are in various stages of development. His favorites among these are the psychological thriller, “Blood Lake", the romantic comedy, “As Love Would Have It", and the action thriller, “Gabriella’s Revenge". Currently Jon is working feverishly with Director, Marty Thomas, and the rest of the production team at RIDICULOUS Pictures putting the finishing touches on a dramatic television series that promises to upend all notions of how far a high concept TV thriller can go.

Unit Co-Producer

Assistant to Marty Thomas

Company Post Supervisor